Day 9. Switching to Safety Razors

Day 9. Switching to Safety Razors

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When it comes to things like shaving, cutting out the plastic for an Eco-Friendly shave can be tricky, and a little scary. But hopefully, I can help recommend a few ways to reduce the plastic in your shave, and the amount you spend.

Disposable Razors, what’s wrong with them?

Nowadays, the norm is what’s known as a disposable razor. The sort of razors you see on shelves that you use a few times, and then throw away once the blades have worn down. In 2018, in the U.S. alone, 163 million people consumed disposable razors.

Due to their mix of fine metals and plastic parts, disposable razors very rarely get recycled and are instead simply thrown into landfill, not exactly very eco-friendly.

How do I have a more Eco-Friendly shave?

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly shave then a safety razor is a great way to start. Safety razors date as far back as the 1800s, where a guard was added to a standard straight razor to prevent cuts. However, sadly, as technology improved and businesses found ways to make the shaving process easier these razors were swapped for a less environmentally friendly alternative.

Safety razors are a lot more eco-friendly than disposable razors as the only wasted part is the metal razor, which can be easily recycled. The rest of the razor is then used again, with the addition of a new metal razor. Making it a lot less wasteful, and cheaper over time. Unlike the common disposable razor, where the entire item is thrown away.

What else can I do to make my shave more Eco-Friendly?

Another great way to have an even more eco-friendly shave is to use shave soap, instead of a bottle of shaving cream. By using a bar, or tin of shave soap, you cut out the need for a plastic bottle or can, which will most likely once again end up in landfill. Shaving soap bars also tend to last longer, meaning less demand for new products.

For Eco-Friendly shaving products try:

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By Ollie Nancarrow

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