Day 11. Deodorant… in a cardboard tube!

Day 11. Deodorant… in a cardboard tube!

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Cosmetic products, such as deodorant, can be hard to replicate with no or little waste. However, one product that blew my mind when I first heard about it is deodorant… in a cardboard tube!

Now, whether you’re a spray or stick deodorant person is another argument, we can all agree that when it comes to products like it, there’s a lot of waste. So if you are a spray deodorant lover, and there’s no convincing you otherwise, then maybe just share this with a more normal friend.

After hunting through Google for figures on deodorant usage and sales, very little is found unless you’re willing to pay £4000 for a 2019 Us deodorant market breakdown. The only real data I could find to put things into perspective is that in 2011 Dove’s sales sat around £3bn. That’s gotta come with a lot of waste.

So one great way to reduce your waste in the bathroom is to switch to a deodorant stick in a cardboard tube. Yes, there is still waste, but a lot less waste, and waste that has the potential to biodegrade or be recycled.

Try – for products.

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