The Nigerian School that accepts plastic waste as schooling fees

The Nigerian School that accepts plastic waste as schooling fees

  • March 26, 2020
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The Morit International school in Ajegunle, Lagos has teamed up with organisations African Clean Up and WeCyclers to kick start what is now known as the “Recycle Pay Project”. Allowing students and families to reduce school fees in exchange for collecting plastic waste.

The inside story of a school in Lagos where students pay ...
The Morit International School that accepts plastic waste as school fees.

The Ajegunle district in Lagos, Nigeria is one of the country’s most densely populated areas. Due to this, clean drinking water and sanitation are often rare, resulting in high amounts of litter being created, which eventually starts to fill up the streets and oceans. According to the state government, people of Lagos litter 450,000 Metric Tonnes of waste into the oceans annually. (Nigeria is ranked 11th in the world for plastic pollution levels)

Another common issue people of this district face is a lack of education, and, with Nigeria being tagged the poverty capital of the world, the fees to be able to afford a good education. With roughly 91.5 million residents living below the poverty line.

However, thanks to this new initiative these issues are being tackled head-on. The Recycle Payp Project allows families who struggle to afford education fees to use plastic-waste as part of the payment. All the families have to do is bring in a bag of litter and have it weighed, the weight is then translated into a monetary value and deducted from the amount owed. The collected waste is then collected by a recycling company twice a month.

The questions we’re all asking ourselves – how many bottles do you need to collect? Well, for every 200 kilos of PET bottles collected you can earn up to ₦4,000 (roughly $11), with a terms tuition fees being ₦ 7,500 (roughly $24). –

The initiative aims to get 10,000 off the street in 2020. Find out more from the video below:

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