Day 13. Use Beeswax/ Soywax wraps

Day 13. Use Beeswax/ Soywax wraps

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1.2 billion metres of cling film is used each year in Britain alone. Enough to circle the earth 30 times… holy sh*t. It is often thought that all plastic products can be recycled, however, when it comes to items such as clingfilm it’s a very tricky process. Meaning normal recycling plants cannot do anything with it, and so it is discarded as trash destined for landfill.

Cling film is manufactured out of tiny plastic pellets (often known as nurdles), and due to their small size can often be spilt and eventually washed into waterways. Once in the ocean marine life can mistake these plastic pellets for fish eggs, and eat them. The plastic can then leach toxins which remain in the animal’s stomach, passing it on once eaten by another animal… including humans.

Beeswax wraps are a great reusable alternative to cling film, performing in the exact same way, only without the waste and the fish-killing. And, for the Vegans out there, soy wax wraps are also a thing!

Beeswax sandwich wrap by Darwin&Alice

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